6 Reasons to Have A Country Wedding

When planning your perfect wedding, there are many themes you could choose to go with. Perhaps the only theme you settle on is a specific color scheme. You could choose traditional, religious-themed, or something that brought the two of your together. One theme that is perfect for every soon-to-be married couple is a country wedding.

wedding reception venue

Remember that finding the perfect wedding reception venue is key to this theme. It just wouldn’t look appropriate to have a country wedding in the middle of a bustling city.

Wondering why a country wedding is so perfect? Check out these six great reasons.

1: It is both elegant and free-spirited, making it perfect for couples with opposing personalities. Which, let’s face it, are often the best of couples.

2: This option is perfect for those ladies who prefer not to wear traditional high-heeled white shoes. You will not look out of place going barefoot or wearing boots at a country wedding.

3: The venue can be outdoors, which makes for beautiful pictures. This is thanks to the fact natural lighting is always the first choice for photographers.

4: A country wedding can be a laid-back family gettogether with the couple as the center. This promotes bonding between the two newly merged families.

5: Alternatively, this versatile wedding style can be an elegant throwback to the days of southern belles and gentlemen like in Gone with The Wind. A country wedding can go either way, depending upon the couple’s preferences.

6: With the right venue, a country style wedding can allow more people to attend at a lower cost. Many venues offer an indoor/outdoor option for receptions (which also gives the kids a place to run out their energy). You would also look very in-theme with a country themed buffet versus a per-person plating option.